Artist as Superconnector/Superconductor: Pedagogical provocations & A Stranger in Space | 23 March – 7 April 2017

Artist as Superconnector/Superconductor: Pedagogical provocations an accompanying exhibition to the recent NAFAE Annual Symposium held on 24th March 2017, in the Lanchester Research Gallery, Graham Sutherland Building.

‘Creativity comes from being at a point of exchange’

Robert Hewison, Cultural Historian

Artists frequently operate within a web of networks or ‘meshworks’, navigating complex situations and events, in creative (ex)-change. As active agents they are at times chameleonic, interconnected, charged, finding creative ways to work across and through the social, in dialogic relation, (directly and remotely). Sometimes inhabiting a fugitive space in institutional infrastructures or occupying para educational positions, they collaborate with others in diverse communities of practice to contribute to a rich social and cultural ecology.

This exhibition presents a series of creative responses that address these ideas and that critically reflect on the implications of collaborative, connected, dialogic and social modes of practice for Fine Art pedagogy at a point when arts education, the arts generally and the fabric of the social are being challenged.

The works presented here were selected from a national call, and have been co-created by students/artists/academics/researchers from across the UK. The exhibition has been curated by Jane Ball, Course Director for Fine Art and doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University. It forms part of the National Association for Fine Art Education (NAFAE) Annual Symposium, a one-day event-taking place on 24th March 2017, hosted by the Visual Arts Research Group, in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University.

NAFAE is the Subject Association for Fine Art education in the UK. It advocates the interests, promotion and cultural relevance of Fine Art education at Foundation, BA, MA and PhD levels. The Association aims to be instrumental in anticipating and shaping decisions that impact on the enhancement and future development of Fine Art by engaging with a range of constituencies.

The exhibition includes artwork by:-

Joe Woodhouse, University of Sunderland: Foundation Press,

John Hammersley, Independent artist educator: Conduct and Connectivity

Jane Ball, Coventry University: Carousel: Ruination and Reconnection

@.acThe Precarious University

Alongside this exhibition is A Stranger in Space, an aligned showcase of work by current students and alumni from the BA Fine Art and the MA Contemporary Arts courses at Coventry University. It explores experiences of dislocation and disconnection through a networked response to the work of artist Yoon Suok WonA Stranger in Space is curated by David Martin, a doctoral researcher in the Visual Arts Research Group, who is researching The Impact of British Media Artists on Visual Arts Higher Education in the UK, between 1980 and 2005.

‘A Stranger in a Space’ is an exhibition of work by seven artists who were invited to make new work in response to a video produced especially for the exhibition by the artist Yoon Suok Won. Yoon is an award winning artist/filmmaker based in South Korea who has exhibited in South Korea, Portugal, France, Russia, Germany and the USA. Yoon’s work is autobiographical and explores ‘the essence of a human being living in a heterogenetic relationship with reality’.

The work of the six invited artists; Anum Jamal, Chiara Grant, Laura Dean, Rob Hamp, Ryan Sehmar, Mira Ho, and work by David Martin the curator, reflects a breath of practices. The result is a diverse but networked collection of responses to Yoon’s video, that consider issues of self identity, cultural and national identity, the inhabitation of internal psychological environments and external physical realities, the uncertainties of relocation, absence, presence, place, and recreation.

Both the exhibitions will run from 23rd March – 7th April.