Body ^ Space ^ Object ^ Memory ^ Identity Symposium 2016

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hosted by Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) and researchers in the School of Art and Design

 May 20th 2016 VENUE: Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE Building) Puma Way, Coventry University, Cv1 2NE UK. For information about the venue please click here

 Following on from last year’s Memory ^ sentiment ^ body ^ space ^ object, this year’s event buillt on the collaboration between the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) and researchers in the School of Art and Design, and invited contributions from scholars and practitioners from across the arts and humanities. The symposium addressed how performers, artists and designers suggest the relationship of individuals to their surroundings.

Rituals of the everyday, of memory, of making things special, and of moving through space and leaving traces are all important factors in being human and developing a sense of self. Many artists, designers and performers have considered these aspects, and it is how these have been addressed that the symposium explored.

The symposium was made up of six strands, the parameters of which are listed below,contributions of papers and mixed-mode presentations made it an interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring day.

  • The (Moving) Body as Archive Lead: Marie-Louise Crawley C-DaRE
  • Objects of Mourning Lead: Rob Tovey School of Art and Design
  • Domestic Objects of Identity Lead: Imogen Racz School of Art and Design
  • Absence and Presence Lead: Graham Chorlton School of Art and Design
  • The production of the Social in Contemporary Choreographic and Performance Practices: The Materiality of the Immaterial Lead: Katerina Paramana C-DaRE

Download the full programme and schedule here:


BSOMI 2016 Program-Final