Drawing Conversations: reflecting upon collective and collaborative drawing practices  was a one-day symposium that took place in December 2015. Papers and discussions considered the specifics and value of collective and collaborative drawing practices. An accompanying exhibition took place along with the symposium, which explored the nature and characteristics of a range of drawing processes which are enacted through collaboration and collective imaging.

The Drawing Conversation Digital Resource can be accessed here

Drawing Conversations: Performances, Speakers and Papers

Introductory thoughts – Jon Barraclough

Collaborative Drawing Through Dialogue – Phil Sawdon and Deborah Harty: Loughborough/NTU (humhyphenhum collaboration)

Shared Sensibilities: Drawing in partnership with other fields of enquiry –
Sarah Casey & Gerry Davies, Lancaster University

Incidental Conversations – Karen Wallis

Visibility in the Gallery: Anthropology as Curating Co-Authorship – Elizabeth Hodson, University of Aberdeen

Drawn Together: A conversation with the Collection – Joanna Neil, University of Glasgow

Drawing as collective allegory – Garry Barker, Leeds College of Art
Public Listening and Real Time Drawing: Graphic Facilitation Combined with Cartooning as a Research Methodology – Penelope Mendonca, Central Saint Martins
Freedom from Dread: Can drawing in conversation help us address key questions of how we live and how we connect with others? – Angela Rogers, Open College of the Arts

Stitch-Paper-Stitch – Performance by Sarah Goudie:

Live demonstration in the Performance Studio: ‘Standardised Versions (Rubble)’ by Craig Fisher (Nottingham Trent University) and Helen Stratford (Sheffield University)

Talk by Angela Brew: Drawing Circles

Drawing inspiration from archival documents: reflections on collective drawing experiences – Ann Chow, The National Archives

Net Curtain – Andrea Stokes

An enquiry into two drawing projects in relation to collaboration – Stefan Gant, University of Northampton

The Transformative Potential of Collaborative Painting/Drawing – Agnieszka Mlicka, UAL

WhiteNoise – Greig Burgoyne and Rossella Emanuele, UCA & UAL 

Drawing together – sutures, surgery and studio practice – Jenny Wright, UAL

idiosyncratic spaces and uncertain practices: drawing, drifting and sweeping lines through the sand – Alec Shepley, University of Lincoln

Drawing a Conversation   – Helen Waddington and Lina Louise Tegtmeyer, Northbrook College Sussex and RWTH Aachen/Freie Universitat Berlin

Free Seeing – an audience led initiative featuring the experimental application of line – Francis Lowe, Course Director – BA Illustration and Animation, Coventry University

Inappropriate Collisions – Catherine Baker and Kimberley Foster
Plenary discussion – Jill Journeaux

Closing comments – Juliet Simpson


Alec Shepley, Clare Smith, Courtney Coyne Jensen, Craig Fisher and Helen Stratford, Drawn Together (Maryclare Foa, Jane Grisewood, Brigitta Hosea, Carali McCall), Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Greig Burgoyne and Rossella Emanuele, Jane Ball, Jonathan Polkest, Kiera O’Toole, Kimberley Foster and Catherine Baker, Lesley Hicks, Lina Louise Tegtmeyer and Helen Waddington, Sarah Casey, Sarah Goudie, Stefan Gant

For further information about the research project Drawing Conversations please contact: Helen Gorrill –  gorrillh@uni.coventry.ac.uk

Download the symposium programme (pdf, 220kb) and the exhibition catalogue (pdf, 3Mb).