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VAR works collaboratively with colleagues from various national and international partners to develop interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange.

Visiting Professors/Academics


Tessel bioDr Tessel M. Bauduin, Historian of Art and Culture. Dept. of Art History, Faculty of the Humanities, University of Amsterdam.

Dr. Bauduin is lecturer and postdoctoral researcher in Modern and Contemporary Art History, at the University of Amsterdam. She is a laureate of the prestigious three-year VENI-grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research; her postdoc project focusses on medievalism in French and Belgian Surrealism. Bauduin’s 2014 monograph Surrealism and the Occult: Occultism and Western Esotericism in the Work and Movement of André Breton was published with Amsterdam University Press. Other publications concern Surrealism, automatism, modern art and occulture, and the modernist and avant-garde reception of 15th and 16th century artists such as Hieronymus Bosch. More information:


Dr Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff – Principal Curator/Art Historian, Ateneum Art Gallery/Finnish National Gallery of Art, Helsinki

Dr von Bonsdorff has achieved international excellence and distinction for her publications and curated scholarly exhibitions in Finnish and international modern art and design. She is a leading international authority on modern colour theory, modern sculpture; visual cultures of landscape and space; identities of ‘nation’ in design and architecture; interiors, photography cinema and transnational capitals of art.

Dr von Bonsdorff’s most recent works include her 2015 published monograph on Shjerfbeck- Timelessness and Immateriality, the outcome of her international research collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan: 2015). She has a distinguished curatorial reputation on the European and world stage as lead curator for internationally-acclaimed and pioneering exhibitions, most notably, on ‘Sibelius and the World of Art’ (Helsinki-Stockholm: 2014-15), ‘Van Gogh to Kandinsky’ (Helsinki-Amsterdam-Edinburgh, 2012), and ‘Illusions of Reality: Photography and Cinema’ (Helsinki-Minnesota, US, 2011). Dr von Bonsdorff has collaborated extensively with outstanding UK and international networks, notably as an international consultant for the UK Association of Art Historians, the Leverhulme Trust and The Norwegian Academy of Art and Design/Nationalmuseum, Oslo. She is an international Museums advisory member of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She is currently leading three international collaborations, including with museums in Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, Copenhagen and the V&A, London. Her ‘European Revivals’ project, shedding new light on myths and identities of ‘nation’ in art and design has produced two international exhibitions and a series of international peer-review conferences (Helsinki, Oslo, Krakow). It will culminate in 2017-18 with a series of publications and planned international conference (Edinburgh- V&A, London).

Pilar1Dr Pilar Montero Vilar – Professor of Painting at the Fculty of Fine Art Complutense University, Madrid

Dr. Pilar Montero Vilar is Professor of Painting at Faculty of Fine Art, Complutense University, Madrid. After studying painting at UCM, she done a Master in Aesthetic and Theory of Art at University Autonomous in Madrid. Professor Montero completed a PhD at Complutense University in 2000 on the body of artist in contemporary art. Her research field includes conceptual art, new media, conservation on new media, methodology research, project management and quality management applied to contemporary heritage. She has also published on education art, body art, and copy and original in contemporary art. In 2014 she was Visiting Professor at Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University. Currently she is also advisor of Conservation and Restoration Department at Reina Sofía National Museum.


Judith Mottram

Professor Judith Mottram – Professor of Visual Arts and Dean of the School of Material, Royal College of Art, London

Professor Judith Mottram is Professor of Visual Arts and Dean of the School of Material at the Royal College of Art. Her research interests include colour, drawing and pattern, and the inter-relationships between subject knowledge, creativity, research and practice. She was a member of the REF 2014 sub-panel for Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory, is a Fellow of the Design Research Society, and a member of the Coventry Cathedral Fabric Advisory Committee. Professor Mottram is internationally recognized for her work in the field of colour and her publications include:

Mottram, Judith and Parraman, Carinna. 2013. ‘Cultural discourse, colour heritage and communication’, in AIC Colour 2013, Proceedings Volume 1, Eds. Lindsay MacDonald, Stephen Westland, Sophie Wuerger, International Colour Association.

Jefferies T. and Mottram J. ‘Colour in the Designed Environment’, in Color and Design. Eds Marilyn DeLong and Barbara Martinson. Berg. 2012 (abridged version in Russian, in Reader on Colour, Eds. Nikolay Serov & Yulia Griber. Smolensk: Smolensk State University, 2014).

Professor Mottram is currently collaborating with colleague Ann Muirhead at Coventry University, on the Future Soldier Initiative: Advanced Soldier Concepts – Demonstrator Design and Manufacture Project.



Steven Parisien

Dr Steven Parissien , Director Compton Verney Museum, Warwickshire

Dr Steven Parissien has an internationally excellent reputation as an eminent scholar of British architectural history and design heritage spanning the eighteenth to late twentieth centuries. He is a distinguished curator with a substantial record of internationally acclaimed scholarly exhibition outputs, most recently, Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature (Tate, 2013) and Canaletto: Celebrating Britain (Paul Holberton, 2015). He has contributed significantly to academic art and design leadership in his field in his former role as Professor of Architectural History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth and Assistant Director of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. He has held and is holder of distinguished Visiting Fellowships, currently in the Universities of Oxford and Warwick. In his current position as Director of Compton Verney he has achieved recognition as an arts-sector champion for his ambitious vision in leading the transformation of Compton Verney into an ‘award-winning’ national museum and major international exhibitions showcase (D.Alberge, ‘Share your hidden treasures with us all’, The Observer, 29 November 2015). Dr Parissien’s most recent publications and scholarly contributions to the field of architectural history and heritage include, Tudorism: Historical Imagination and the Appropriation of the Sixteenth Century, ed. T. String, et al. Oxford University Press/British Academy, 2012, The Life of the Automobile (Atlantic, 2013) and The English Railway Station (English Heritage, 2014).

Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park is a collaborative partner of visual arts and art history research in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Coventry University, UK for collections-based, historical and interdisciplinary research projects.

Institutional Partners/Collaborators

University of Amsterdam, RCA, University of York, National Gallery London, Finnish National GalleryLoughborough University, Ghent University, The Herbert Art Gallery Coventry, Compton Verney Warwickshire