The House is Still Named After Him (2016) – Wolverhampton Art Gallery

andrea houseOpening 10 March Until 14 May 2016


The House is Still Named After Him presents Andrea Hannon’s most recent body of work, as practice based research, that explores pre-existing ideas of gender and the home.

The house and interior spaces have been a recurrent issue in female artists as diverse as Louise Bourgeois or Martha Rosler to explore ideas in regards to its social and psychological role associated with femininity.

Hannon’s work consists of existing imagery, paper cut-outs from magazines, encyclopedias’ and tabloid newspapers, which are incorporated with other objects and materials associated with the home. Hannon’s two – and three -dimensional collages revolve around issues of gender and more precisely the role of women within the home as a framework.

The comfort associated to “home” is produced, according to architecture historian Beatriz Colomina, by two seemingly opposing conditions, intimacy and control. In her settings, architecture emerges as an appropriate field where gender based and power relationships are negotiated and conformed. Hannon’s painstakingly constructed scenarios turn into spatial-psychological devices where stereotyped scenes between men and women are questioned.