The Seven Ages of Man Exhibition by Jonathan Waller

6th April – 31st August 2016

Holy Trinity Church – Stratford Upon Avon

Artist Jonathan Waller’s new body of work the ‘Seven ages of Man’, commissioned by Holy Trinity Church  as part of their 2016 festivities, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death, takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ speech from the play ‘As You like It’. 

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, is said to be one of England’s most beautiful parish churches. Each year it welcomes in excess of 250,000 visitors who travel from around the world to view the final resting place of William Shakespeare, and to enjoy the peace and splendour of this historic building.

April 2016 is an important date in Stratford’s calendar, as it marks 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, and Holy Trinity are proud to be hosting a unique contribution to these celebrations.  From April through to August 2016 the church will house a ground breaking art installation, hanging seven specially commissioned paintings from its central pillars, each one inspired by one part of Shakespeare’s famous ‘Seven Ages of Man’ soliloquy. The collection sees artist Jonathan Waller creating a contemporary reworking of these well-known themes using bold images with global resonance to explore the cycle of life as it is understood, experienced or considered today. All of the works are available to buy at a cost of £3,000 each and their sale is designed simply to recover costs laid out by Holy Trinity in bringing this event to Stratford.

The combination of modern bold imagery, set within the historical setting of ‘Shakespeare’s Church’, has already sparked discussion, and an accompanying catalogue is available, along with a forth coming conference ‘The Cycle of Life in Art, Literature and Science’ planned for 1st July 2016 hosted by Coventry University. The conference is interdisciplinary exploring meanings, perceptions and the scholarly and creative reception of cycles of life in art, literature and science in historical and contemporary cultural contexts.

Extract from the Solihull

Jonathan Waller Bio

Jonathan Waller is an artist and Senior Lecturer at Coventry University. Born in Stratford upon Avon in 1956, he was christened in Holy Trinity Church together with his twin brother. He was educated at Lanchester Polytechnic and has an MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea School of Art.

Jonathan has exhibited both nationally and internationally since 1985 and has been included in 2 major surveys of British and European Art. He has works in many private and public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art New York and the Tate Gallery. Other commissions include: Portrait of the Warwickshire and England cricketer Tom Cartwright, Art on the Underground poster for Kew Gardens and 2 paintings of London parks for Heathrow airport.

Jonathan Waller is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art within the Faculty of Art and Humanities, Coventry University. A forth coming interdisciplinary conference accompanies this new series of works, considering further historic and contemporary explorations around the theme of the Cycle of Life in Art, Literature and Science, this will be taking place on July 1st 2016 at Coventry University.